OC BBQ Championship-Kids BBQ Competition

Below is information you will need to compete.

Each contestant and adult supervisor should read this information carefully. Please go over each item together so that everyone knows and understands the rules. If you have any questions, they can be answered at the cook’s meeting.


Each entry will receive two (2) entry wristbands; one for the child and one for the parent or guardian who will be assisting the child during the contest. These are for entry into the grounds. At check-in each child and his/her supervising adult will be given a different colored wristband. This wristband allows you into the cooking area.

Kids Que Schedule of Events – Friday Meeting
Kids Cook Meeting will be immediately after the team’s cook meeting Friday 4:30PM.
Boxes will be passed out during the day by the KCBS Reps.


1:15PM Set up personnel will assemble and light the grills. Grills and charcoal will be provided.
1:30PM Check-in is located in front of BBQ Village. The area will be enclosed. Once checked in, children MUST stay within the roped off area. Meat will be handed out at this time.
2:15PM Turn-in for BOTH ages 6-10 and ages 11-15 at the Judges Tent.
5:15PM Awards will be during the BBQ Awards Ceremony
Schedule and Meats are subject to change.


1. Meat submitted for competition MUST be the meat provided by OC BBQ Competition

2. Only one adult assistant and one Junior Cook will be allowed in the cooking area. All other family members MUST stay outside the cooking area. Once admitted the child and adult supervisor must stay within the cooking area until the child has turned in his/her box. (Suggestion: bring a folding chair)

3. Adults – NO alcohol in the preparation and cooking areas.

4. Please bring your own utensils, seasonings and marinades. Please bring hot pads or oven gloves as the lids to the grills will be hot.

5. No garnishes will be provided. Please bring your own garnish if you choose to garnish.


There will be 2 age groups. KCBS rules apply unless otherwise noted. Each entry submitted will consist of one cook only.

  • Ages 6-10 will cook hamburgers.Each entry will receive 1 1⁄2 pounds of raw hamburger.
    At least 3⁄4 of a pound of the pre-cooked weight of the meat must be submitted in the numbered box that was given to you by the KCBS Rep. KCBS rules on garnish do NOT apply; there are no rules on garnish.
  • Ages 11-15 will cook STEAK
    Each entry will receive one and only one steak. There is no margin of error.
    The steak will need to be submitted in the numbered box that was given to you by the KCBS Rep. KCBS rules on garnish do NOT apply; there are no rules on garnish.


  1. The child must do the preparation, cooking and presentation. If a child is unable to do all of these, he/she is too young to cook. This means that the child should be able to put his own meat on the grill, turn his/her own meat on the grill and take the meat off the grill and do all garnishing. If your child cannot do this, then the child is too young to be cooking this contest.
  2. The supervising adult may help with lighting the fires or slicing. Other than slicing, the adult should not be touching the food. This is a children’s cooking contest, not an adult one. If the adult is caught handling the food and doing what the child is capable of doing, there will be a verbal warning. Second time caught, the child and adult will be disqualified and asked to leave. Please don’t get your child disqualified because you can’t let the child do his own cooking.
  3. Handicapped children need not be eliminated from competition. Each handicapped child will be assigned an assistant other than the supervising adult. The disabled child must first attempt, multiple times on their own, to perform a task. Only if unable to perform that task will the assistant help. The assistant will help as little as possible and will encourage the disabled child to complete as many task on their own as possible.


  1. All children will cook in a designated area on grills and charcoal provided by OC BBQ
  2. A parent or guardian must be present with the child during the entire cooking competition and ONLY ONE assistant per child will be allowed in the cooking area. Our cooking space is limited and for safety reasons, we want to give the kids as much space between each other as possible. This one adult must stay within the cooking area with the child until the child has turned in his/her box. We suggest you bring a folding chair and sit back and watch your child cook.
  3. Entries will be submitted in the numbered containers provided by the KCBS Rep.
  4. Slicing meat for presentation is not required. If needed, judges will be equipped to slice the meat presented at the judging table.
  5. Judging will be based on appearance, taste and tenderness/texture.
  6. Judging will be done using the KCBS score card, 9, being the highest, to 2, being the lowest. A score of 1 is a disqualification.

I have read the rules and agree to its conditions WAIVER OF LIABILITY: I agree to indemnify, defend and forever save and hold harmless the OC BBQ and The OC Marketplace Through Action.shareholders, members, partners, officers, directors, employees, representatives, tenants, agents, contractors, and volunteers from and against any and all damages, claims, losses, demands, costs, expenses (including attorney’s fees and costs), obligations, liens, liabilities, actions and causes of action, threatened or actual, which any one may suffer or incur arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with the provisions of the Products and Services or the failure of Vendor to provide the Products and Services in accordance with theterms of this agreement, except to the extent arising from negligence or willful misconduct of The foregoing indemnification shall survive any termination or the expiration of the term of this agreement.

Further, I hereby grant full permission to OC BBQ event organizers and/or agents authorized by them and to each of the entities and individuals listed above, to use any photographs,videotapes,recordings,oranyotherrecordoftheeventforanylegitimatepurpose.Inaddition,Iagreetoabidebyalltherulesof OC BBQ Competitions and hereby assume full legal liability and responsibility for the behavior of myself and any of my guests. OC BBQ does not use or sell any of the information you submit to us for any type of marketing purposes, or spamming. We do not divulge any of this information to any outside group or company, nor do we release your name to any of the contestants.


______________________________________________________              ____________________

SIGNATURE OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN                                              DATE


ENTRY NAME                         ______________________________________________________

BIRTHDAY                               month: _____   date:_____  year:_____

AGE                                         _______ years old

_______________________________________      _______________________________________


ADDRESS                    _________________________________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS        _________________________________________________________________

PHONE NUMBER       (_________)_____________________________________



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